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Absolute Bathroom Necessities

No matter how big or small the space is, the top items on your bathroom supplies list should include:



Natural Hand Soap

Bath towels, hand towels, washcloths (2 each)

Non-skid bath mat

Toothbrush holder

Over-the-door and/or wall hooks

Extra toilet paper

Toilet paper storage

Toilet brush & container

Plunger (tucked out of sight)

Green cleaning supplies

These are just the basic things you need in your bathroom. Depending on your budget and size of the room, there are plenty of ways to add more personality. Why not try an essential oil diffuser, softer light bulbs, or a colorful shower curtain?

Bathroom Shelves Types By Material

A common way to look at shelving types is by the material. When it comes to bathroom organizing and decor options, the color and material of your shelving does matter. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular shelf ideas by material.

1. Wood Bathroom Shelves

Furniture made from wood is prized for its durability, easy maintenance, and versatility. A wood shelf in the bathroom quickly becomes a point of visual interest because of the grain, staining, and design. Depending on the quality of wood used for a shelf, it could end up becoming an heirloom in the future.

Brown Wall Mounted Shelves By SODUKU

Create a more inviting bathroom with a modern flair when you install these attractive. floating wood shelves in a dark brown finish. The wood is treated to be both dampproof and heat resistant. The metal elements on the shelves retain an architectural design, acts as a protective guard, and includes space to hang towels underneath the wood panel.

2. Teak Bathroom Shelves

A sub-category of the former, teak is one of the most valuable woods for making exquisite furniture, and it is a sought-after material because it is resistant to dry rot. Due to the intense harvesting of teak wood, newer furniture is constructed using sustainable sources to create beautiful, sophisticated furniture.

3. Teak Bath Shelf By AquaTeak

Go with a highly reviewed company when choosing a shelf for the bathroom. Take advantage of the corners of your bathroom with this Architectural Digest featured furniture. Comprised of teak wood, this naturally water-resistant shelf is suitable for modern, contemporary, and classic bathrooms without taking up excess space.

4.Plastic Shelving For The Bathroom

Plastic furniture is valued for being inexpensive, flexible, lightweight, and resistant to breaking easily when dropped. When choosing plastic bathroom shelf for a bathroom, a plastic fixture is ideal because it is easy to clean by wiping down, but still strong enough to store towels, toiletries, and knick-knacks.

White Slim Storage Cart By SPACEKEEPER

If you are short on space but need extra storage in your bathroom, check out this slim design rolling cart. Since this shelving unit is on wheels, it’s easy to rearrange your bathroom and move it about as needed. The four high-quality plastic shelves provide ample space for bathroom accessories, towels, and soaps.

These Are the Only Kitchen Tools You Need

LIGHTS UP on an empty apartment. You (reader) are sitting on the floor in an empty kitchen, eating takeout straight from the container. Glancing around at the bare cabinets and a box of hand-me-down utensils from an unnamed parental figure, you think to yourself, somewhat discouraged: “Where do I even begin?”

A booming voice breaks through off-stage, startling you. “This is Epicurious, fear not. We have put together a guide containing the essential kitchen supplies for beginners. Let us help you through this journey.”


Okay, maybe you’re newly independent, a recent grad, or just settling into your first apartment. Every home cook has to start somewhere. Here’s everything you need: a comprehensive list of cookware and tools to keep you well-equipped in the kitchen as you begin your cooking journey.

Nonstick 10-Inch Pan

If you really are building a kitchen from scratch, the first thing you’ll need is a nonstick pan. For a rookie cook, these pans are low-maintenance to clean and very forgiving, provided you take care of them properly (no metal utensils or scrubbers!) They are also the pan to use to cook eggs, which tend to stick to stainless steel and cast iron.

Stock/Soup Pot

A standard soup pot can often function as the one pot in a one-pot meal. You will rely on a 6-quart pot to boil pasta, make soups and stews, or, if you are feeling bold, simmer homemade chicken stock. Okay, maybe you’re not making your own stock now, but someday you will. And when that day comes, you will say, “Oh! I’m glad I have this stock pot on hand already. Thanks, food website!”

Black beauty-supply stores have long been the first stop in a multi-step haircare ritual for Black women, from wash day to crochet braids to box braids and back again. It’s here that we find aisles of products that cater to our curls and kinks; some of them are things we’ve read online rave reviews about, some we grew up with, and some we’ve never seen before. We may walk in certain about the tools we need for our next look and end up leaving with even bigger, bolder ideas often rooted in newfound appreciation for the freedom of expression our hair allows us. But while beauty-supply stores may sound like Black-girl sanctuaries, many of these shops also greet us with built-in microaggressions. For Black women, navigating beauty spaces where we are the target customer but rarely the owner is often a balancing act—a paradox of convenient, low-cost options for our specific beauty needs that exist in a physical space where we nevertheless find ourselves feeling excluded.

Depending on the city you live in, it’s common to see beauty-supply stores that are tailored to the needs of Black hair owned by non-Black people, namely Korean Americans. With a stronghold on the wig market dating back to the 1950s, Korean immigrants recognized the gold mine of Black buying power early on. Simply put, selling Black beauty supplies is good business: a market full of specialized products that are, for the most part, not widely available at more generalized health and beauty retailers. According to a report from 2017, Black shoppers spend a whopping $473 million on hair care every year—nine times more than their white counterparts. Yet they own less than 1 percent of the market share. Despite their inherent reliance on Black consumers as a means of profit, the dynamics of the beauty-supply retailer are skewed on either side of the cash-out counter. Black customers have reported being followed, profiled, and even attacked by store employees; it’s not uncommon to see signage limiting how many members of a group can come into a store at a time.

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